Glory to God!

December 21, 2016 § 2 Comments

This past Sunday the Sanctuary Choir of McIlwain Presbyterian Church presented its annual Christmas program. This year’s offering was entitled Glory to God!  In addition to both classic carols and music by Keith and Kristyn Getty arranged by McIlwain Music Ministry Coordinator Donny Monk, I supplied a series of narrations designed to explore the glory of God in four progressive themes:  the glory of God in creation, the glory of God in the promise of redemption, the glory of God in the Gospel, and the glory of God in the return and reign of Christ. Although these were summarized in the program, we explored the themes respectively each Sunday of Advent this year.

Between now and Christmas I will be posting those narrations here, starting with the program prologue, which actually “sets up” the program with a meditation on the fact that the glory of God is not something that began with creation.  In fact, it never “began” at all…

Before the beginning…

Before the beginning—before the Creation of man, the creatures, the earth and the universe itself; before there were angels, seraphim and cherubim to offer praise—there was glory. The infinite, eternal and unchangeable glory of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is a mystery beyond our finite comprehension, but from everlasting, in eternity past, each person of the Godhead beheld the glory of the other with perfect delight, joy and love. And, if we can stretch our minds to consider it, each beheld the glory of the other with a fullness of satisfaction that, in turn returned glory to the other—ever supplying, ever receiving, glory upon glory, to the Father, to the Son and to the Spirit!

In this infinite glory God had no need—certainly no need to create. Yet in the divine perfection of his glorious wisdom, God did indeed create, things unseen and seen, in heaven and on the earth. Consider then, this glorious reality: in speaking the universe and everything in it into being, God made both a canvas to display his glory and an audience to behold his glory. But even then it would not be a glory merely to behold, though that would have been enough! It would be, even as in the Trinity itself, a glory for the audience—even us—to enter into; a glory to be shared; a glory that would give meaning and purpose to everything else.



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