I was wrong!

July 1, 2013 § 1 Comment

Last Friday marked the last working day of our church secretary and my Administrative Assistant, Janie Myrick, who has retired.

She didn’t have church experience.

Everything else, though, was stellar.  A group of smart, experienced and godly men had served as our screening committee and, after singling our three candidates out of 60 for me to interview, all of them felt she was the best.

But she didn’t have church experience.

What she did have was experience keeping 8 radiologists straight and all of their patients happy (meaning she kept the radiologists out of trouble with the patients).  She worked multiple departments in the hospital.  She dealt with administration.

One of my screening committee, a pathologist, warned me:  “If we don’t hire her I may!”

But she didn’t have church experience–so I went with the one candidate who did.

And God told me I was wrong.

We offered the position to the girl with the church experience and–she turned us down.

We then offered the position to Janie and she accepted–and over the last seven years she has gained plenty of church experience! And so have I.

She–having worked for doctors–knew all about confidentiality.  She–having worked for doctors–knew what is what to serve people all over the emotional map.

In the process she endeared herself by her kindness, her selflessness, her servant’s heart and her friendship to the folks we call McIlwainians.  Personally, she knew how to keep me from doing dumb things over and over again, seeing as I’m, as they say, “administratively challenged.” No one can ever no what a relief it was to me to hear Janie say of our new secretary, Brittany Mixon, “She is going to be great.”


And she became a great friend to Lisa and me.

So, yes, Gary Cumberland–I was wrong and you were right!  And I am so glad you were.


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